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Solution for VPN DNS leaking (Windows)

Hey Netlyer?!

Ever wondering why your DNS keep leaking even when you are connected via VPN on Windows configuration?

Well, you can find the answer by reading the article here, enjoy.

The leak is caused by the network service in Windows picks up the DNS based on a network adapter list order.

Unfortunately only the first 3 network adapters in the network service’s list will be taken into consideration. Depending on how many network adapters you have on your PC, the OpenVPN’s network adapter (TAP adapter) can be the 4th or even lower on the list.


What you need to do is move the OpenVPN adapter amoung the first 3.

This is how you can do it:

Step 1. Open Network Connections;


Step 2. Check TAP-32 (OpenVPN) network adapter’s name: Local Area Connection 2 in this case (you might have a different name), remeber this name for Step 4.


Step 3. Press ALT key. The Network Connection menu will be showed. Click on Advanced and then on Advanced Settings;


Step 4. Locate your OpenVPN connection, Local Area Connection 2 in this case and move it up (using the up arrow icon), 1st place is recommended.


. You’ll be using OpenVPN’s DNS address from now on, once connected to a VPN server.



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